Sharing the Riches

A customer inquired about using his grandmother's diamond ring for both his fiancee's diamond ring and for his band too.  He wanted the diamond for her ring and some of the gold from his grandmother's ring for his band.  Using gold from a sentimental band for a Variance band is something we like to offer.  We are not able to use all the gold but adding some of it into a Variance band works well for us.  .  Here's a photo of her new diamond ring.

Something Totally Different

We were approached by a woman who had two diamond rings, one given to her by her grandmother and one by her mother.  She didn't really wear the rings but they meant a lot to her as you can imagine.  She wanted to make something totally different, something that could be passed down as an heirloom, just like the diamond rings were given to her.  She decided on a cuff with two diamonds and she added a moonstone in too.  We used some gold from her bands and included it in the cuff.  Transformation complete!


Passed Down The Line

We were contacted by a man who wanted to use a family diamond to propose to his girlfriend. The ring first belonged to his grandmother and then his mother and now it belonged to him.  His request was to keep the diamond setting simple and to have two rubies with it to symbolize his children.  

Hand Me Down

We were approached  by a woman who had been given an impressive clear and beautifully cut diamond ring.  It was the wedding ring of her great great aunt which was passed down from the aunt's daughter to this woman's mother and eventually it was given to her.  It was set in platinum with a gold band.  The diamond sat high up on the finger.  Our customer wanted to wear the diamond but wanted it set in something she would actually wear.  

Blinded by the light

A couple came to us with with a huge diamond ring.  The ring was inherited from his grandmother.  The diamonds are spectacular but she wanted something different, so she came to us and gave Nicole artistic freedom.  She said something to the affect of make whatever you want; I love your work.  When making this diamond ring, Nicole mentioned it was difficult to set because she kept being blinded by its brilliance.  MIssion accomplished though!  


We received an email from a return customer.  Here's what she said...

"I have an emerald cut diamond that I inherited.  It is a bit over a carat I think.  I never wear it and wanted to ask if you all would be willing to re-do it".   We are really happy how this one turned out.  It's a great example of the meeting of two worlds- a classic diamond set in a timeless yet modern band and setting.  The contrast of the two only enhance each other.  We are hoping that the original mission is accomplished and the ring will be something she doesn't want to take off instead of not ever wanting to put on.  

Family Diamond

Family Diamond

The Evolution of a Diamond Wedding Ring

She is a friend and lover of Variance.  She requested we take the diamond from her wedding ring (she is still married by the way), change the band and setting and add a moonstone.  Their son's birthstone is moonstone.  

It's not a common thing to want to change a wedding ring when you are still married to the same person.  We think of these rings as a moment in time, a snap shot of the past.  But it really does make sense if you think about it.  Why should a wedding ring not change?  People change, relationships evolve... why not rings too.  

Opal Princess Ring

She had an opal ring made for her when she was 10 years old; it was her princess ring.  As you might imagine, while the ring had sentimental value, she no longer wore it as an adult.  She requested we use that beautiful opal for a new ring she would wear everyday.  So while you might still consider it a princess ring.  At least now, it is a bad-ass princess ring!