Moldavite Mythology: The Gemstone That Fell From The Sky

Moldavite came crashing down to earth about 15 million years ago when a meteorite struck an area north of the River Danube, in western Bavaria. Since humankind first discovered this green, glassy-looking tektite, it has captivated the minds and borne a host of supernatural beliefs, mysteries and folk tales. From association with the Holy Grail in the Arthurian legends from old England to its’ similarities with green so-called ‘emeralds’ that ‘fell from the sky’ in legends and lore the world over.

Moldavite Meteor
Moldavite was (and still is) used as a talisman, often being fashioned into amulets. The famous Venus of Waldendorf figurine was excavated alongside moldavite, some bone scrapers and cutting instruments, crafted around 25,000 years ago.

Since it ‘fell from the stars’, moldavite has retained some fascinating backstories. In some retellings of the battle between Lucifer and the Archangel Michael, moldavite is said to have plummeted to our mortal realm in the midst of a celestial battle, with the so-called ‘emerald’ that fell from the crown of Lucifer bearing striking similarities to the other green gemstone which fell from the heavens.


raw moldavite

Moldavite’s use in Feng Shui may not be as widespread in the West but it is believed to bring abundance and prosperity to its’ users. Buddhist and other Asian mythologies also include stories about magic gems that originated amongst the cosmos, such as the Cintamani Stone.

This stone has been popularized in the West by its’ depictions in video games like Uncharted 2: Among Thieves and the TV series Dragon Ball Z. 

Moldavite is associated with the opening of Third Eye and Heart Chakras, as well as being used as a general-purpose energy cleanser and warding off negative energies. Its’ cosmic appeal and long affiliation with the stars and space has helped give moldavite quite the reputation for being a ‘powerful, energetically-charged’ crystal. Users have reported an experience known as a ‘moldavite flush’ where those holding it in their left hand (or ‘receiving’ hand) will feel an energetic rush throughout their body.

Moldavite Ring

Aside from its’ otherworldly and supernatural qualities, moldavite’s glassy hardness is very visually appealing. From the amulets of the Neolithic hunter gatherer’s to today's red carpet, moldavite is very versatile and comes in a range of different colors. The colors vary due to the chemical composition, usually Iron or Manganese content.

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