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Variance Retailers

Where you can find Variance jewelry.

About the Jewelry

The pieces and process are inspired by the materials.  We use the materials of traditional fine jewelry but we approach the process in a minimalist way.  We cut and polish all of our stones, but we do it with a different set of priorities in mind.  We look to capture the nature of the stone, and preserve its inherent textures, color patterns, and light qualities rather than transforming them into a sparkly made object.  Then, because of the way we cut stones, we are able to approach metals and settings in a completely different way. We fabricate everything so there is no duplication in the way that there can be with cast metal.  Plus we mix gold and silver, melt metals together and leave everything only semi-polished, the final polishing comes with wear. 

Our jewelry starts out dark and then brightens over time.  It can be brought back to its original darkness with a dip in our Anti-Polish - which is included with most purchases.  Silver has always needed ongoing care.  Our jewelry is no different but it's care in the opposite direction.