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Item Personalization
Item Personalization Sale price$0.01
Rose gold ombre bandRose gold and silver ombre band
Rose Gold Ombre Band Sale price$88.00
Embedded bandGold and silver embedded band
Embedded Band Sale price$198.00
Sold outAustralian Opal JewelryAustralian Opal Jewelry
Australian Opal Jewelry Sale price$0.00
6mm edge bandGold and silver edge band
6MM Edge Band Sale price$484.00
5mm cigar bandGold cigar band
5MM Cigar Band Sale priceFrom $528.00
Gold embedded bandEmbedded band
Gold Embedded Band Sale priceFrom $357.00
10mm cigar bandGold cigar band
10MM Cigar Band Sale priceFrom $1,265.00
Anti-Polish Sale price$3.00
Gold skinny seamed bandGold skinny seamed band
2MM Gold Skinny Seamed Band Sale priceFrom $480.00
9mm edge bandGold and silver edge band
9MM Edge Band Sale price$520.00
Shipping for Resizes
Shipping for Resizes Sale price$25.00
Heavy bandGold and silver heavy band
Heavy Band Sale price$198.00
Rose Cut Diamond BandRose Cut Diamond Band
Rose Cut Diamond Band Sale price$836.00
7mm cigar bandGold cigar band
7MM Cigar Band Sale priceFrom $926.00
Sold outWyoming Black Jade JewelryWyoming Black Jade Jewelry
Sold outRuby JewelryRuby Jewelry
Ruby Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Rose gold flat ribbon ringRose gold and yellow gold ribbon ring
Rose Gold Flat Ribbon Ring Sale priceFrom $1,181.00
Sold outBrazilian Emerald JewelryBrazilian Emerald Jewelry
Gold linear bandClassic gold linear band
Classic Gold Linear Band Sale priceFrom $841.00
Rose Cut Diamond Band MiniRose Cut Diamond Band Mini
Rose Cut Diamond Band Mini Sale price$420.00
Sold outMexican Fire Opal JewelryMexican Fire Opal Jewelry
Sold outZambian Turquoise JewelryZambian Turquoise Jewelry
Sold outAquamarine JewelryAquamarine Jewelry
Aquamarine Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Sold outPeruvian Opal JewelryPeruvian Opal Jewelry
Peruvian Opal Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Sold outAfgani Lapis JewelryAfgani Lapis Jewelry
Afgani Lapis Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Small mixed gold and silver ombre hoopsLady wearing small mixed gold and silver ombre hoops
Ombre Small Hoops Sale price$264.00
Sold outMontana Sapphire JewelryMontana Sapphire Jewelry
Montana Sapphire Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Heavy seemed gold and silver cuffLady wearing heavy gold and silver cuff
Heavy Seamed Cuff Sale price$440.00
Small gold ombre hoop earringsLady wearing small gold ombre hoop earrings
All Gold Ombre Small Hoops Sale price$459.00
Sold outMoldavite JewelryMoldavite Jewelry
Moldavite Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Sold outRose De France Amethyst JewelryRose De France Amethyst Jewelry
Baguette Diamond BandBaguette Diamond Band
Baguette Diamond Band Sale price$1,518.00
Sold outBrazilian Rutilated Quartz JewelryBrazilian Rutilated Quartz Jewelry
Heavy gold link braceletLady wearing heavy gold link bracelet
Heavy Gold Link Bracelet Sale price$990.00
Sold outHerkimer Quartz JewelryHerkimer Quartz Jewelry
Silver and gold seamed cuffLady wearing silver and gold seamed cuff
Seamed Cuff Sale price$396.00
18k gold huggies earringsLady wearing 18k gold huggies
18k Green Gold Huggies Sale price$589.00
Gift CardGift Card
Gift Card Sale priceFrom $100.00
Sold outRainbow Moonstone JewelryRainbow Moonstone Jewelry
3MM Gold Skinny Seamed Band3MM Gold Skinny Seamed Band
3MM Gold Skinny Seamed Band Sale priceFrom $600.00
Sold outPeridot JewelryPeridot Jewelry
Peridot Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Sold outTanzanite JewelryTanzanite Jewelry
Tanzanite Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Sold outAmethyst JewelryAmethyst Jewelry
Amethyst Jewelry Sale price$0.00
Yellow gold flat ribbon ringYellow gold flat ribbon ring
Yellow Gold Flat Ribbon Ring Sale priceFrom $1,181.00
Yellow gold square ribbon ringYellow gold ribbon ring
Yellow Gold Square Ribbon Ring Sale priceFrom $1,181.00


The pieces and process are inspired by the materials.  We use the materials of traditional fine jewelry but we approach the process in a minimalist way.  We cut and polish all of our stones, but we do it with a different set of priorities in mind.  We look to capture the nature of the stone, and preserve its inherent textures, color patterns, and light qualities rather than transforming them into a sparkly made object.  Then, because of the way we cut stones, we are able to approach metals and settings in a completely different way. We fabricate everything so there is no duplication in the way that there can be with cast metal.  Plus we mix gold and silver, melt metals together and leave everything only semi-polished, the final polishing comes with wear.