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Rainbow Moonstone Jewelry

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Our Made to Order section is currently closed.

Please check out our Ready to Wear section for our rainbow moonstone jewelry. Join our mailing list to be notified when our Made to Order section reopens.

Most of the time moonstone is a neutral color of bone white but a beautiful flash of blue and other colors emerge, not that different from opal. Obviously, we cut the stone to bring out that elusive flash. To be honest, it is not always a simple process as there is a trickster energy to it. You think the color is in one place but really it is in another.

Click here to learn about the history and mythology of rainbow moonstone on our blog.

Rainbow Moonstone Rings

Our rainbow moonstone rings are made with either small, medium, or large stones. For a visual comparison of stone sizes, see here We offer six band styles -  Please see this link for a visual and information on each of the six bands. The settings are typically 14k rose, 14k white, and 18k yellow claws, though medium and large stones sometimes require a different combination.

Rainbow Moonstone Earrings

We offer stud and hook rainbow moonstone earring styles, as well as earring drops which can be worn with our hooks and studs. Studs come in two sizes, which can be seen here. Hooks and drops vary in size depending on the specific stone, Large studs and hooks are made of 14k rose and white gold and 18k yellow with a 14k yellow gold earwire. Small studs are all 14k yellow gold.

Rainbow Moonstone Pendants

Our rainbow moonstone pendants are made with either small or large size stones. Small stone pendants range from 5mm-10mm and large pendants are 10mm-20mm. We sell them without a chain or with a   14k yellow gold cable chain. Small pendants are typically made of 14k yellow, rose and white gold, large pendants are typically 14k rose, and white and 18k yellow gold.

Rainbow Moonstone Cuffs

Our rainbow moonstone cuffs are made with small or large size stones. The cuff itself is made of oxidized sterling silver with our gold blend embedded into it. The settings are typically 14k yellow gold but sometimes include other colors and carat weights.


Photos are examples of our aesthetic and how the stone will look in a finished piece. There is always variation in everything we make. 

Please see the jewelry Information link and footnotes for information on frequently asked questions.

Don’t hesitate to contact us with questions. or 831-346-6758